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  • Miscellaneous Furniture (13 photos)

    Miscellaneous Furniture

    1. Mercy Seat

  • Serveries (4 photos)

    Fullers Finer Furniture recognize the growing requirement for a servery area in public buildings and are able to install a state of the art, practical, catering area in a way that blends effortlessly with the existing building, regardless of it's age.

    1. Clarence Park Servery

  • Communion and Altar Tables (21 photos)

    These symbolic pieces of furniture have great significance in worship and are designed to be unique to the place of worship. Careful consideration is given to colour, size, dimensions and style to ensure the resulting product is worthy of its use.


  • Logos, Crosses and Symbols (9 photos)

    Fullers Finer Furniture can incorporate a logo onto any piece of furniture. Many Churches opt for a cross or perhaps another symbol such as a dove or bread and wine. In each case Fullers Finer Furniture can provide a quality design whether in vinyl, painted or carved.


  • Fonts (10 photos)

    Using the finest materials to complement their surroundings, materials such as polished copper and coloured glass are expertly incorporated to give a superb piece of furniture that is both beautiful and practical.


  • PA Desks and IT Cabinets (16 photos)

    With technology imperative in today's buildings Fullers Finer Furniture can offer PA desks to suit large or small buildings that will fit perfectly with their surroundings, where necessary seamlessly combining modern technology with historical architecture.

    4.  St James Trowbridge

  • Projects (11 photos)

    For some a new build will include a complete re -order of furniture and Fullers Finer Furniture are well equipped to advise and assist with such a project. Fullers Finer Furniture can provide one off pieces through to all necessary furniture including staging, PA desks etc , all perfectly matched. Fullers Finer Furniture are happy to work in liaison with other professionals and/ or act as project manager.


  • Lecterns (11 photos)

    Fullers Finer Furniture use premium timbers to produce the highest quality finish to their lecterns. This combined with the most modern technology and fittings, all uniquely designed to meet the particular aesthetic and functional requirements of your building, is what makes Fullers Finer furniture lecterns different.

    8.  Stick lectern

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